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    Build Mobile Apps & Mobile Site

    Java App Builder allows you to build iPhone/Android Apps without any coding! along with apps, you can also create HTML5 mobile site as well!

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Java App Builder Automates Your App Building Experince.

Build Apps & HTML5 Mobile sites for your own purpose or for your clients to make money from!

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No Coding Needed

You don’t have to be a coder to create awesome Apps! but if do know coding, you can easily¬†implement¬†it!

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Easy To Customize

You can easily customize all your apps or use the pre-made templates to create something awesome!

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Native OS Builds

You will build Apps on their Native coding for both Android and iPhone Apps! You will be able to download the codes to compile them!

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Our App builder can covert a HTML/PHP codes into Java and it can be compiled into Native OS Builds.

This baby is multi-platform!

You can either create Native iPhone/Android Apps or You can crate stunning HTML5 Mobile Sites!

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iPhone/Android App Builder

Our App builder allows you to crete stunning iPhone/Android apps without coding! Just few clicks on the things you need and customize the look of your app and then you are ready to download the Native source code of iOS or Android! Easy to Use! Easy to Customize.

HTML5 Mobile Site Builder

Sometimes, it better to optimize your or your client's website for a HTML5 Mobile site so that their website looks mobile friendly when used from any smart phone and tablets! We allow you to design stunning HTML5 Mobile Sitses from scratch or use from 50+ of pre-made templates!.

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Offer White Label Resller To You Clients!

If yu would like to provide an App Builder & Mobile Site builder platform to your own clients with your logo and url, then this is a perfect solution for you. We provide you with a ready made website with all the workflow done or you can impliment our system with your own website as well. Note that you only get to use our systems thru our servers.


Would you like a demo before you purchase the App Builder or Mobile Site Builder? Please Eneter your email and we will get in touch with you.

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Awesome features that wont break the bank.

All of your products come with hassle free 15 days money back gurantee! There is nothing to lose! We promise to provide a quality support long after your purhcase as well.

HTML5 Mobile Site Builder

$149 yearly

  • Unlimited Mobile Sites
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Responsive HTML5
  • 50+ Pre-Made Templates Included!

iPhone/Android App Builder

$299 yearly

  • Unlimited App Builds
  • 100 Compiles A Month
  • Unlimited Push Notification
  • Admob Compatible

White Label App Builder + Mobile Site Builder

$100 per month

  • Your Logo/URL
  • White Branded Full Website/Sales Page
  • Unlimited App Builds
  • Marketing Guide Included

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.

We have compiled some of the frequently asked questions. If you have any specific question reading the app builder or Mobile ite builder, please get in touch with us.

 How does App Builder work?

So, you will basically use the pre-made modules to put together an app that best fits your needs and after that you will download the native source code and compile it using Esclipse or Xcode.

 How can i make money?

You can create apps or mobile sites to your own clients using our builders and charge your client whatever you want! There is no monthly app fee, so you have a better profit margin.

 Do i get Support?

We provide email support to all our clients. We promise to get back to your questions and concerns within 48 hours.

 How secure is my app?

We take care of all the security on your app/mobile sites. All the codes are inspected while they are being compiled before you get to download it! You are in safe hands!

 Will you upload to App Store?

No, you will need to create your own developer account with Apple or Google to upload your Apps! We only let your build your app and download the native source code.

 I have more questions!

Thats normal. We have answers! Get in touch with us @ suppot@JavaAppBuilder.com

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"Converts PHP to Java- superb!"
"In a word, this is innovative."
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